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City Secretary

Requesting Public Records

The City of Edinburg has established guidelines in accordance with the Public Information Act to ensure that all records in possession of and pertaining to the operation of the governmental body are open to the public through a systematic process.

The City Secretary has the authority to release records in accordance to the Public Information Act, with the exception of the Municipal Court and Police department records; those records are released through the department directors.

All requests must be in writing and can be submitted via email to recordsrequest@cityofedinburg.com
 write or fax asking for the records you would like to receive. For additional assistance, please contact the office or in person the City Secretary department will assist you.

Public Information Form and Spanish version

Request must include:

1.   Contact information (name, mailing address and telephone number). Include any other information that may be useful like e-mail, fax or cell phone number.
2.   A specific description of the records being requested.
3.   Records can be reviewed at the office and copies can be requested in advance.

Information to be released

  • The Public Information Officer will notify person in writing if information cannot be produced within 10 days and provide a reasonable date
  • Must keep all appointments to inspect records and pick up copies; failure to do so may result in losing the opportunity to inspect information
  • Information may be withheld due to an exception of the referral by the Office of the Attorney General – the request will be referred within 10 business days. The Office of the Attorney General must issue a decision no later than 45 working days from the day request was received by the Attorney General

What happens when I make a public records request?

  • Public Record request placed in queue
  • Notification sent within 5-business days that request was received
  • Office staff coordinates with departments that hold requested records
  • Departments identify, collect and forward records to the Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings
  • Public records officer reviews records, may redact information as allowed by public records statute, state, federal and case laws; third-parties may also be notified
  • Depending on number and complexity of the record, request may take up to two months

Can you keep my request for records confidential?

No. Public record requests are not confidential and the request itself is a public record. Requests can be made by others and the public records office will forward requests to the appropriate parties.

How much does it cost to obtain public records?

Record Type


Standard Paper Copy

$0.10 per Page

Standard Paper Copy (Front/Back)

$0.20 per Page


$1 Each

Magnetic Tape

Actual cost

Data Cartridge

Actual Cost

Tape Cartridge

Actual Cost

Rewritable CD

$1 Each

Non-Rewritable CD

$1 Each


$3 Each

JAZ Drive

Actual Cost

Other Electronic Media

Actual Cost

VHS Tape

$2.50 Each

Audio Cassette

$1 Each

Oversized 11 by 17-Inch Paper Copy (Greenbar/Bluebar - Not including maps and photographs using specialty paper)

$0.50 per Page

Specialty Paper (Mylar, Blueprint, Map, Photographic)

Actual Cost

Programming Labor Charge

$28.50 per Hour

Labor Charge for Locating, Compiling, and Reproducing Public Information

$15 per Hour