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Roll Off / C&D Removal Services

Trash Collection Overview

The City of Edinburg and the DSWM Commercial Collection Services Program is proud to offer 20 and 30 yard DSCF1519 - Copyroll-off box service. Roll-Off's are available for a variety of applications, from construction sites to large industrial facilities, hospitals, businesses, residential establishments, clean up projects and schools.  Roll-off containers are typically used for the disposal of large and/or heavy debris such as rocks, bricks, concrete, wood or other materials resulting from construction, demolition, remodeling or general cleanup.

To assist in selecting a container, recommended sizes are listed below.

Residential Projects  –  20-yard

  • Home remodeling projects
  • Large landscaping jobs
  • Move in/move out
  • Neighborhood cleanup
  • Residential demolition
  • Spring cleaning
Commercial Projects  – 20-yard or 30-yard
DSCF1674 - Copy
  • Commercial demolition
  • Construction projects 
  • Office remodeling
  • Storefront build-out

Dimensions of Containers

  • 20 Cubic Yard – 7’4” W x 18’ D x 48” H 
  • 30 Cubic Yard – 7’4” W x 20’ D x 66” H 
Competitive Rates
Rates are based on the size of the container. Our rates are evaluated and set annually based on the cost of our service. 

Please contact our office so that we can help you find the container that best fits your needs so that we can start service as it is necessary. Our flat rate rental fee allows you to plan ahead with your budget in mind and guarantees no surprise cost increases.  Due to the limited number of containers, the size requested may not be in stock. Residents may pick another size or be placed on a waiting list.

       Roll-Off Rental Rates
  Daily Rental Fee   Service Fee (Includes Disposal)
20 cubic yard $3/day  $195.60+tax 
30 cubic yard  $3/day  $293.40+tax 

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Service DO's and Don't's of Collection:

  • Keep Dumpster Area Clear Of All Debris, Brush & Bulky Waste. 
  • Do Not Overload The Containers above the flange
  • Please Bag & Tie All Trash 
  • No Parking In Front Or Near Dumpsters. We Need Full Clearance Around Dumpster Area
  • Gates/Enclosures To Dumpsters Should Be Opened Prior To Service.
  • Containers must be in a location accessible to trucks with no overhead obstructions
Only regular debris, junk, scrap and/or trash should be placed in any City owned roll off containers. All other household garbage or petrucible (decomposable) waste should be placed in regular city plastic carts or commercial dumpsters, unless special arrangements have been made with the DSWM for Special Collection Services. DSWM encourages the bagging of all your garbage prior to placement in your container to assist in keeping your container clean and sanitary, as well as to help prevent vectors and windblown litter on windy days.

Items that CANNOT be placed in your container include:

  • Household/ restaurant garbage or food waste
  • Ammunition 
  • Dead Animals or Animal Excrement 
  • Large Appliances, mattresses & Furniture 
  • Dirt, Sod, brush, concrete or rock(s)
  • Electronics (TV's, Computers, Light Modules)
  • Construction/Demolition Material (Lumber, wood panels, studs, sheetrock, bricks, concrete blocks, metal pipes, etc..)
  • Foam Products
  • Hazardous, Medical Waste liquids or any materials prohibited at the landfill  (radioactive, reactive, toxic, ignitable, corrosive, pathological, acidic, etc.) - for disposal options, call SWM at 956-381-5635.
  • Items requiring special handling such as motor oil, batteries, wet concrete and items containing Freon
  • Liquid Waste
  • Tires
  • Whole Drums or Barrels
  • Hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas or paint
  • Debris from construction, remodeling or demolition
  • Yard waste and trimmings (grass cuttings, branches, leaves and etc.)

Additional information:

Please  follow our link for more information on our services or review our approved/unapproved material guide here.

Any cardboard boxes or cartons are considered recyclable and residents may utilize the Edinburg Recycling & Educational Center to dispose of these recyclable materials. For more questions regarding recycling programs and services please call 956-292-2133 or visit our Recycling Services section.      
Specially Handled Items:

  • Hypodermic needles: Residents are required to place all hypodermic needles in a container that cannot be punctured, such as an empty coffee can, plastic milk jug or soda bottle with lid placed securely on the container and taped closed. Call DSWM at (956) 381-5635 to arrange for collection.

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Exclusive Provider
The City of Edinburg is the exclusive provider of solid waste and recycling services for residences, businesses and industry in the City of Edinburg city limits. Private haulers may NOT collect from any location within the City; if the City is unable to provide a specialized service to a particular establishment or business (such as hazardous waste collection) then the resident or business owner must receive written authorization from the City in order to contract with a Private hauler. That hauler must then provide the service as prescribed by the Department of Solid Waste Management.