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Graffiti, a form of vandalism, is a problem that affects our neighborhoods in a variety of ways. Without question, it decreases property values in residential neighborhoods and negatively affects industrial and commercial areas. Graffiti is a serious signal of gang activity. Gangs use graffiti to mark their territory, tell of their existence, brag about superiority, claim credit for a crime, or target the rival gang or gang members as a potential victim of a shooting or other violence. 

Graffiti can also be a form of fashion statement or fad for teens. Antisocial behavior by high school aged teenagers is reflected in graffiti that has no gang significance and means no more than its literal definition or whatever is in the mind of the writer. This can often turn into what is known as "tagging", which in effect is when a person adopts a nickname, or "tag" and writes it on as many objects as possible.

Becoming aware of what is going on in your neighborhood and community and getting involved is a way to stop graffiti. Working together the community can eliminate graffiti altogether. When incidents occur such as vandalism, loitering and drug activity, report them to the police immediately.

The City of Edinburg has established a program for graffiti removal. This program under the Department of Solid Waste Management encompasses daily removal of graffiti from areas previously identified in the city. Public involvement and support are other significant factors. 

The City stepped up its effort to help with the quick removal of graffiti by introducing a vehicle dubbed "The Eliminator". The Eliminator is a truck equipped with high-pressure spray gun attached to tanks that hold paint or, if necessary, solutions to remove the graffiti from unpainted surfaces. The number of structures addressed illustrates our relentless work over the last few years. Fiscal Year 98-99 582 structures, 99-00 980 structures, 00-01 949 structures, 01-02 661 structures, 02-03 649 structures thus far, averaging approximately 80 structures per month. The success of the program is defined in the number of structures, 5,211 to date, addressed since program promulgation in 1996. We continue to ask for the public’s support.

To report graffiti or to leave tips on the identity of taggers please call our Hotline: 956-383-TIPS (8477)
To report graffiti in your area you may also use The City of Edinburg's Request and Work Management Tool. Click here to be directed to select Graffiti Removal and Illegal Dumping to get your request to us via email.