The City of Edinburg hosts Art Exhibits at the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library. Exhibits are free and open to the public. Exhibits are located inside the Friends of the Library Meeting Room within the library; please ask at the Circulation Desk to point you to the exhibits. 

The Exhibits program is committed to presenting a wide range of diverse and engaging exhibitions focused on contemporary culture. Artists are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to Magdiel Castle, Cultural Arts Manager. There is a time-artist ratio disparity that prevents us from selecting everyone; Edinburg-based artists are our primary focus as well as other artists from the Rio Grande Valley. Special Exhibits are occasionally scheduled to foster visual and cultural exchange for the residents of Edinburg and surrounding communities.

All Exhibits are in partnership with the Edinburg Arts Foundation.


2019 Exhibit Schedule

Artist   Exhibit Length Reception Date 
 Jan LeBleu  Nov. 7 - Jan. 11  Nov. 29
 Crystal Ziemann  Jan. 14 - Feb. 7  Jan. 31
 Joe Hernandez  Feb. 18 - Mar. 14  Feb. 26
 Youth Art Month  Mar. 8 - Mar. 20  Mar. 14
 Laura Sanchez  Mar. 25 - Apr. 26  Apr. 11
 Robert Viña  May 6 - May 31  May 9
 Paul Pritchett  June 10 - July 4  June 20
 M. Lucille Lockard  July 15 - Aug 8  July 25
 Noemi Lamela  Aug. 19 - Sep. 19  Aug. 29
 Gilma Ambrasky  Sep. 23 - Oct. 24  Oct. 10
 ECISD Teacher's Exhibit  Nov. 4 - Jan. 9  Nov. 21

Receptions are held at the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library, they are free and open to the public. Gallery space is open throughout the duration of the Exhibit Length.