Summer Reading Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the summer reading progam all about?
The Summer Reading Program is a program tailored to different age groups. This year's theme is “A Universe of Stories.” The program runs from June 10th to July 12th, 2019 and aims to help maintain and improve literacy skills for participants of all ages.  Please, only one account per person.

How do I sign up?
Parents you can register yourself and your children at or at the Sekula Memorial Library starting May 28th!  Children, Tweens and Teens must be signed up by their parent or legal guardian. 

What are the age levels for the Summer Reading Programs!
Adult Summer Reading Program: 18+ yrs. old

Teens Summer Reading Program: 13-17 yrs. old
Tweens Summer Reading Program: 11-12 yrs. old
Children’s Summer Reading Program: 5-10 yrs. old
Toddler / Pre-K Summer Reading Program: 6 mos. – 4 yrs. old 

How does it work?
There’s something for everyone in our summer reading program—you can earn points, unlock badges / games, and win prizes. Get 1 point for 1 minute you add to your reading log. Challenge yourself to log 60 minutes of reading every day.

Prizes vary depending on age group and summer reading program registered for. Prizes available while supplies last. 

 How many minutes can I login per day?
The maximum number of minutes that a participant can login per day are:

Adult: 120 minutes
Teen: 120 minutes
Tween: 120 minutes
Children: 120 minutes
Toddler / Pre-K: 30 minutes 

How many minutes are needed to complete the Summer Reading Program?
Participants have 5 weeks, starting June 10th, to complete the Summer Reading Program.  To complete the Summer Reading Programs participants must login:

Adult Summer Reading Program: 1000 minutes
Teens Summer Reading Program: 1000 minutes
Tweens Summer Reading Program: 1000 minutes
Children’s Summer Reading Program: 1000 minutes
Toddler / Pre-K Summer Reading Program: 700 minutes 

What are digital badges?
Badges are in-game marks of achievement—there are 10 badges just waiting to be unlocked! You can earn badges by entering minutes into your reading log.

How do I change my Avatar?
From your account, select “Click Here to Customize Your Avatar.” Customize your avatar by selecting hair, facial features, clothing, etc. When you are happy with your changes click “Save Avatar” and “Return to Dashboard.”

What are Family accounts?
Family accounts allow one person (parent) to manage multiple accounts using a single username and password.

To create a family account, the head of family (the individual that will manage the accounts) must register at

  • Create their individual account by clicking “Myself and Children”.
  • Next, fill all required registration fields and agree to terms.
  • To add a new member to your account, click on “Continue” and fill all required fields.
  • To add more than one child, click on “Continue” again to create the accounts.  Once you are done adding members to your account click on “Done Adding Children.”

 To add an individual username/password:

  • Click on the “Add Username” button beneath the individual’s name. Family accounts with individual usernames and passwords will continue to be accessible through the household username/password.

Does my child need a username and password?
For children to access their account and input their minutes read on their own, they will need their own username and password.  Children will be able to input minutes, track badges achieved, and play unlocked games.  However, parents will still have access to their children’s account via the parent account, even if their child changes their password or username without their parent’s permission. 

How do I log my reading?
The reading log is located in the center of your dashboard. Enter the number of minutes you have read and click “Submit.” For family accounts only select the person for which you are adding minutes for (do not select all participants). You can also track your reading by entering the minutes read plus the title and author of the book. View your list of titles by selecting “My Profile” and “Books.”

I’ve achieved 1,000 points. Now what?
You can continue to input your minutes, however no more prizes or badges will be awarded.  Print out your certificate and visit the library to pick up your pass for the completion party.

What do you do with my info?
The library will never share your personal information—privacy and confidentiality are essential to the library and the Summer Reading Program. We will only use your name and contact info to alert you about important summer reading updates. 

What if my question isn’t answered here?
Once you are logged in, click the Mail icon at the top of the screen. Click “Send Mail” to ask your question or contact the library at (956) 383-6246.