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South Texas Health System Holds Demo Day Ceremony for New ER Facility in Edinburg

Edinburg, Texas (Aug. 22, 2017) – South Texas Health System (STHS) held a special Demo Day Celebration Tuesday morning to mark the beginning of construction of its newest satellite emergency room in south Edinburg.

The facility, located at 4702 S. McColl Road, will provide 24-hour emergency care services year round and will be staffed with the same medical personnel and equipped with the same diagnostic technology available in STHS’s hospital-based emergency rooms.

Mayor Richard H. Garcia and Councilmember Richard Molina were on site to welcome STHS to its newest location in the City.

“I want to thank them for believing in us and being a part of the legendary growth that’s happening in our City,” Garcia said.

The facility will be located on the medical corridor along Trenton Road and McColl Road.

“People needing emergency care who live on this side of town will get the medical attention they need without having to go to a full functioning hospital, which means faster service and hopefully faster recoveries,” Garcia said.

Additionally, the new facility will bring more medical profession jobs to Edinburg.

STHS ER at McColl is scheduled to open in February 2018