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Consuls of Central America and Mexico Urge their Residents to Travel Legally

August 15, 2017, Edinburg, Texas­– The Consuls of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico were in Edinburg Tuesday reminding residents of their countries the dangers they could be exposed to when they make their way into the United States illegally as well as the legal consequences.

The four Consuls are part of TRICAMEX, a group united to protect the rights of their citizens.

In a flyer containing their phone numbers, locations, and other methods of communication, they remind their citizens that there are laws in the US like in their countries they must obey when traveling.  They urge anyone traveling in or to the United States to do so legally with all necessary passports and visas to avoid legal consequences.

The Consul of Mexico, Guillermo Ordorica, who currently serves as the president of TRICAMEX asked that the City of Edinburg help them spread the word so that lives can be saved.  “So we can avoid the tragedies such as the one in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and yesterday another one here in Edinburg in which a trailer was stopped and 16 people were discovered inside from different countries from Central America and Mexico and of course Romania, a country from Eastern Europe.”

Consul Ordorica strongly urges all migrants to avoid any service offered to them that may risk their lives.