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Edinburg Parks & Recreation Presented with $8,500 Check for Rotary Reading Room

GI9A8891Edinburg, Texas (July 13, 2017) – The Edinburg Rotary Club presented the City of Edinburg with a check worth $8,500 to establish the Rotary Reading Room at the Sports & Wellness Center.

Director of Parks & Recreation Joe Filoteo and Mayor Richard H. Garcia were present at the regularly scheduled weekly Rotary Club meeting to accept the award on behalf of the City.

The Rotary Room at the Sports & Wellness Center will feature a variety of donated books as well as desktop and laptop computers.

The room will serve as a dedicated area where Parks & Recreation students can read, study, and do homework.

“It’s really going to enhance our afterschool program for study purposes and add to our educational part of Parks & Rec,” Filoteo said. “It will provide a place for our students to concentrate and work on homework, reading or any kind of schoolwork that they may have.”

The Reading Room may also be used as one of the Parks & Recreation summer programs according to Filoteo.