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Preparation are Essential in the Event of a Hurricane

GI9A9565Edinburg, Texas (May 31, 2017) – City of Edinburg officials along with community partners held a press conference to remind the advanced planning and preparation are essential in the event of a hurricane and any type of hazardous event.

Hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through Nov. 30.

Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider urged residents to devise a plan in order to be prepared in the event of a hurricane. Residents should prepare a kit with basic needs like food, water and medication among other materials.

“Please take the time to be prepared and heed the concerns the city has for the community on being prepared to the best of your ability,” Snider said. “We stand ready to serve, support you and do everything we can to return your life back to normal.”

Mayor Richard H. Garcia also urged the community to take time to prepare.

“Preparation is a continuous effort because this is a continuous problem,” he said. We know from the past that it’s difficult to predict when a hurricane will strike but we know we have to be prepared because we are so close to the Gulf of Mexico.”

Garcia also mentioned that as a part of the City’s effort for emergency preparedness all 763 employees have undergone emergency response training.

Joining City officials were Robert Saenz of the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District, Pablo Mendez of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and Kenneth Ponce of the Hidalgo County EMS.