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Edinburg PD Participating in Holiday DWI Enforcements

Edinburg, Texas ­­—The Edinburg Police Department has increased patrol efforts this holiday weekend to keep drunk drivers off City roadways.  They join thousands of law enforcement agencies from across Texas who will work hundreds of extra hours this Easter weekend to help keep people safe.  If Edinburg Police Officers suspect a driver has been drinking, the driver will be pulled over and can expect to get arrested. 

The enhanced enforcement period runs today through April 16 in an effort to prevent alcohol-related traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. 

Edinburg Police Chief David White encourages drivers to forego on alcohol and instead focus on spending quality time with loved ones.  “This weekend should be about cracking Easter eggs not cracking bones sustained in an accident. Each year, thousands of people in Texas die or are injured in alcohol-related accidents because someone thought they could mix drinking and driving.  Well, here in Edinburg, we have a zero tolerance for driving under the influence and we will lock you up.”

The increased patrols are funded through a Texas Department of Transportation grant awarded to law enforcement agencies to help keep roadways safe.  TxDOT encourages Texans to plan ahead this Easter weekend.  Planning ahead by either not drinking, finding an alternative ride or designating a driver could save a life while also protecting drivers from overwhelming legal and financial troubles.