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Edinburg Police Officers Participate in No Shave November to Honor One of Their Own

EDINBURG, TEXAS (Nov. 13, 2018) – The Edinburg Police Department is participating in “No Shave November” for a good cause.

Edinburg police officers are letting their beards grow to raise awareness and show support for those battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), including one of their own, Sergeant Andres Luna.

The idea originated from the Edinburg United Police Officers Association board members, Armando Celedón, Ruben Pedroza, Jaime Urias and Carlos Romero.

For the whole month of November Edinburg police officers who wish to participate in “No Shave November” will donate to the ALS Association.

“It’s a way of making the public aware of ALS,” Urias said. “When they ask us why we have a beard we can tell them it’s for ALS, so we inform the public of ALS and we also help out one of our own.”

The donation began at $25, but City Manager Juan G. Guerra issued a challenge to participating officers of donating $100.

“The ultimate goal is to raise some funds for our beloved police officer who unfortunately has ALS,” Guerra said. “Let’s support our own officer and his family, so what we did is we raised it to $20 per week for the ‘no shave’ to ultimately raise more funds and be able to provide our officer and the ALS Foundation.

The Edinburg Police Department is the first department in South Texas do something of this nature.

“We’re proud to do it for a cause like this,” Romero said. “What better opportunity than to take this chance and have it some type of meaning.”

For Pedroza, this cause holds a very special meaning.

“Sergeant Luna was actually my FTO when I started as an officer 14 years ago,” Pedroza said. “Being in the car beside me, guiding me through what I needed to do really had a big impact, and seeing him deteriorate really had an effect on everybody.”

For more information about the cause and how you can participate contact Investigator Armando Celedón or Officer Ruben Pedroza at 956-318-8824.