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Edinburg Volunteer Fire Department Working for You

The Edinburg Volunteer Fire Department continues to be the best for our citizens. Just last week, they were on the scene of a house fire which occurred overnight. They were able to get the habitants and themselves out safely. They also helped with the power outages occurring after the high winds caused some inconvenient problems around University Dr. 

They have also been testing fire hydrants, especially now, “They’re testing water hydrants that happen throughout the year, we do this during this time of the year because there’s less water usage going on the city, cooler as well, and we get more accurate pressure readings.” Shawn Snider, Edinburg Fire chief explained. 

Besides checking the water pressure, they also make sure to color code them appropriately based on the water pressure which indicates the gallons per minute. Green codes for 1000 gallons per minute, orange signs for 750 gallons a minute and lastly, green stands for 500 gallons per minute. It’s important to have them color-coded because when there is a fire, firefighters need to determine the value of the hydrant immediately and know what is nearby and what to use for the specific emergency.

Firefighters also check for other important factors such as making sure the caps are functional or verifying that fire hydrants close completely. Another important reason besides letting the water out of the fire hydrants to be tested, is that it allows for our water and water systems to get cleaned and guarantees a better water for our citizens.

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