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City of Edinburg and Four Paws Animal Hospital Team Up for Rabies Clinic

EDINBURG, TEXAS (Sept. 11, 2017) The City of Edinburg’s Animal Control Department together with Four Paws Animal Hospital will host a rabies clinic on Sept.16, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Richard R. Flores Stadium located at 310 E. Palm Drive..

Texas law requires all cats and dogs over the age of four months to be vaccinated for rabies.

The semiannual event is an opportunity for pet owners to vaccinate their pets at a discounted cost.

Vaccines at a veterinary clinic can cost up to $50, but at the rabies clinic the service fee will only be $6.

Animal Control Warden Eric Garcia says the rabies virus should not be taken lightly.

“It’s fatal. If somebody comes in contact with the virus, there is no coming back,” Garcia said. “It’s better to have your animals protected. There’s bats that carry the virus so if the dog comes in contact with them they can get it, cats too.”

According to Garcia thousands of people die from the virus every year.

“There’s a myth that you have to be bitten by an animal, but if a kid just plays around with the dog or the cat they’ll also contract the rabies virus through saliva,” Garcia said.

The clinic will also offer microchipping services for a $20 fee.

Garcia hopes to raise awareness for these services that residents may not be familiar with.

“Microchipping is good because if your dog gets lost and we pick it up, we’ll scan them and see their identification,” Garcia said. “We’ll call the microchip company and they’ll give us the information of the owner.”

Garcia said this process helps the department return lost pets faster.

Registering your animals with license tags is another service available for pet owners at the clinic. Fees are $10 for unsterilized pets and $5 for sterilized.

According to a City ordinance pet owners must register their pets.

“If you live inside the City of Edinburg you have to have your dog licensed,” Garcia said. “You have to do it every year like the rabies vaccine. It’s just another way we can hold the pet owner responsible for their animals.”

Pet owners should have their ID’s ready and pets on leashes or in crates.

The Edinburg Animal Control Department will also be available to answer questions pet owners may have in general for their animals.

For additional information on the rabies clinic call the Edinburg Police Department at (956) 289-7700.