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Edinburg City Council Approves New Fiscal Year Budget

Edinburg, Texas (Sept. 6, 2017) - The Edinburg City Council has approved the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Budget as presented by City Manager Richard Hinojosa.  The funding measure was approved during the regularly scheduled meeting of Sept. 5, 2017.

The budget includes the necessary funding to maintain acceptable levels of services in all areas as directed by the City Council.  The appropriations focus on public safety, infrastructure, and quality of life issues.

The combined $100,913,576 million budget includes no increase in the property tax rate.  The tax rate will remain at 63.5 (63 ½) cents per $100 assessed valuation for the 23rd consecutive year. Hinojosa’s plan includes a reserved fund balance of 29 percent instead of the required 25 percent. 

The financial plan includes the following:  a traffic beacon light at FM 2812, 25 new golf carts for Los Lagos Golf Club, resurfacing the Walking/Jogging Trail at Municipal Park, waterline improvements at I Road and Expressway 281 and on North 5th Street, remodeling of Waste Water Treatment Plant Office, rehabilitation and upgrade of Lift Stations 9, 39, 18, and 42, tower frame repair for Fountain Pool slide, one (1) 20 ton A/C unit for the Library, roof repairs at Fountain Center, tasers with laser cartridges for the Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division, one (1) Mobile Device Data Collector for the Police Department, new gas pumps and Wi-Fi for the Public Works Department, and increased funding for the Public Information Office for the purchase of one (1) green screen and one (1) Paralinx Tomahawk and Transmitter for wireless video and audio transmission.

Meanwhile, it calls for a three (3) percent pay increase for all employees. It also includes a one (1) percent decrease in health insurance for full-time employees as well as medical insurance for part-time employees that work 30 hours per week as required by the Affordable Care Act.

The budget also includes increased funding for the purchase of required new equipment and vehicles for numerous departments.

Once again, the budget calls for no increase in residential trash collection rates.  The last increase was in 2004.  It also calls for no increase in water and sanitary sewer rates.  The last increase for these services was in 2011.

The City’s largest revenue source continues to be taxes.  Property, sales, and franchise taxes make up 78.5 percent of the total general fund revenues while business licenses, fines, recreation fees, and other miscellaneous revenue make up the remaining 21.5 percent. 

The fiscal year runs from Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018.  By law, a balanced budget must be approved on or before Oct. 1 of each year.