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Solid Waste Department
8601 North Jasman Road
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 381 - 5635
Fax: 956 - 292 - 2064

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Solid Waste Garbage Collection Rates:

When establishing a water account residents are eligible to receive garbage service from the City of Edinburg. Residents must come by our office to establish their service. Your monthly garbage fee will depend on the size of the cart selected.

Residential Service:

  • 1) Rates. The following monthly rates will be charged for the collection and disposal of solid waste by the city residential single unit, residential two units, mobile home park per occupied space:
  • 95 gallon-cart, $12.08
  • 300 gallon-cont, $28.75
  • Extra carts may be provided at the following additional monthly charge:
  • Each additional 95-gallon cart, $8.00
  • In the event a particular size cart is not specified, the director will set the proper rate.
  • Once per week service rates include brush and bulk item collection, this service does not include collection for construction material or debris.

Commercial Container Service Rates

Box Size Cubic Yard Weekly Rates/Weekly Pick Ups Extra Services Wash Per Container Addition of Locks
  1 Pick Up 2 Pick Up 3 Pick Up 4 Pick Up 5 Pick Up 6 Pick Up      
1.5 $30.36* $60.72* $91.08* $121.44* $151.80* $182.16* $25.00* $50.00* $25.00*
2 $40.48* $80.96* $121.44* $161.92* $202.40* $242.88* $25.00* $50.00* 2$5.00*
3 $60.72* $121.44* $182.16* $242.88* $303.60* $364.32* $25.00* $50.00* $25.00*
4 $80.96* $161.92* $242.88* $343.84* $404.80* $485.76* $25.00* $50.00* $25.00*
8 $145.73* $291.46* $437.19* $582.92* $728.68* $874.38* $31.68* $50.00* $25.00*
10 $182.16* $364.32* $546.48* $728.64* $910.80* $1092.96* $39.60* $50.00* $25.00*

* Prices are subject to change; please call the Department of Solid Waste Management for more information.

Commercial Roll-Off Service Rates

They are available in the following sizes and for the following prices:
• 20 Cubic Yards $195.60* Plus $3.00/Day Rental Fee
30 Cubic Yards $293.40* Plus $3.00/Day Rental Fee
• 40 Cubic Yards $391.20* Plus $3.00/Day Rental Fee

* Prices are subject to change; please call the Department of Solid Waste Management for more information.

City of Edinburg Landfill Applicability of Fees:
Fees are applicable to all users of the Landfill with exception for City Residents hauling household trash, appliances or brush. A current water bill is required for confirmation of residency. This exception does not apply to any construction material which shall be charged at gates rates.

City Residents & Businesses:
Vehicle load (non-hazardous municipal solid waste, brush, construction and demolition materials):

$8.33/CU.YD. ($25.00/Ton) (Minimum of$25.00 charge per load)

Proof of construction being conducted within the city limits of the City of Edinburg must be provided by contractor or individual performing the services prior to disposal and is subject to verification.
Rate is subject to applicable surcharges, disposal fees, local and state taxes, etc.

Non-Contract Outside Hauler:
Government entities, waste haulers, contractors, or individual disposing of waste generated from outside the City of Edinburg shall be charged for the use of city owned or maintained landfill as follows:

$11.67/CU/YD. ($35.00/Ton) (Minimum of $35.00 charge per load)

Rate is subject to applicable surcharges, disposal fees local and/state taxes, etc. Users shall be responsible for producing weight verification if required.

Tire handling fee $5.00 Surcharge for an uncovered load 15% of load fee.