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Solid Waste Department
8601 North Jasman Road
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Phone: 956 - 381 - 5635
Fax: 956 - 292 - 2064

City of Edinburg Landfill

Since its regionalization in 1997, the Edinburg Landfill has surpassed all expectations in its operation and compliance. With its current permit amendment adding an additional 154 acres and 25 years of landfill disposal capacity, the Edinburg Regional Sanitary Type I Landfill is the only operational long-term source of disposal for South Texas. The City’s Regional Type IV Facility is a 147 acre site that allows the City the ability to provide unmatched waste diversity acceptance to the Valley.

Both of the City of Edinburg’s landfills utilize the newest and latest advances in landfill technology to protect public health and the environment thus ensuring long-term integrity of the these systems. As a dedicated environmental steward, the City of Edinburg through the Department of Solid Waste Management ensures that all of our facilities are designed, operated and maintained to meet or exceed local, state and federal Environmental Regulations and Statutes. We continually work with regulatory agencies to insure the City of Edinburg maintains an adequate and viable disposal capacity at our existing sites and thus provide for our citizenship to enjoy the benefits thereof.

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