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Building Edinburg

Plan Review

Plans will be reviewed by the following departments and will be contacted if additional information or revisions are needed. Once the permit is approved, an email notification will be sent to applicant via email.

Planning Department
• Verifies filing of plats, approval of site plan and landscape plans. Visit us at https://cityofedinburg.com/departments/planning_and_zoning/index.php

Engineering Department
• Reviews civil engineering plans which include but are not limited to the following:
• Plat requirements (easements, plat notes, engineering restrictions, FEMA requirements)
• Paving and Grading plans
• Drainage plan
• Water and Sewer plans
• Civil Site plan
• Right-of-Way and easements dedication review
• All construction must follow the latest City of Edinburg construction standards https://cityofedinburg.com/departments/engineering/engineeringstandardsmanual.php

GIS Maps
Unified Development Code
Advisory Boards
Citizen-Self Portal
Edinburg 311
Stormwater – Reviews Erosion control and verifies submittal of Small Construction Site Notice; form may be obtained at: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/assets/public/permitting/stormwater/txr15-small-site.pdf

 Department of Building Safety
• Reviews building construction plans (including electrical, plumbing and mechanical) for compliance with current adopted codes
• Other related requirements, based on occupancy type and use, as applicable.

Fire Department
• Reviews building plans for fire and life safety compliance

Solid Waste Department
• Reviews waste disposal plan and dumpster enclosure to comply with Department of Solid Waste’s Manual Guide may be obtained online at: https://cityofedinburg.com/solidwasteguideline/
Code Enforcement and Health Division
• Reviews food establishment requirements to ensure health code compliance
• Applications to be completed to obtain a health permit to operate may be obtained online at: https://cityofedinburg.com/departments/planning_and_zoning/food_services_division.php

Feel free to communicate with any department via email or phone, visit the Contact Us page for contact information. 
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