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COVID-19 2020 Orders

Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez has issued a disaster declaration for Hidalgo County , below you can read more on each different order taking effect. You can read more on these new orders here

Mayor Richard Molina has also follow suit with orders for the City of Edinburg  in order to aide the community at a delicate state at the moment. A variety of changes throughout our community have been carrried out such as limiting people per buildings, controlling prices, requiring reporting of testing, staying at home and working safe along with other important changes for our city. Please see latest order below for more specifics for each different section and how it applies to you, your family or even your organization. 

The City of Edinburg continues to urge everyone to practice social distancing.  Encourages citizens to limit their vists out of home if there is no need and respect the curfew put on place. Medical experts  continue to stress that the only way to stop the spread of Coronavirus is to limit contact with other people. There is no need to panic, as stores will continue to operate along with other businesses and organizations,  and the City services will continue.  it is for the time being that changes must be carried out. What is most important is that we continue to be aware of this ever changing situation and follow the guidelines suggested by medical professionals and we continue to be educated by the situation in order to combat this virus as a community and follow these new regulations  enforced by our City Mayor and City officials.

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