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Building Safety


The City of Edinburg works to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to its customers. This effort begins with protecting our water supply sources, such as groundwater wells, and continues through the entire treatment and distribution process until the water reaches the meter. However, some hazardous conditions may exist on customer properties which risk safe drinking water supply.

Water systems are designed to have higher pressure than a customers system to keep water flow in the right direction. However, when there is a drop in water main pressure, a reverse flow or back flow can occur. This can be caused by incidents such as water main breaks or high demands such as fire fighting.

A back flow condition can result in water contamination if hazardous cross-connections exist, regardless of all treatment processes. While single family residences are not generally required to have a back flow device, you can help prevent back flow contamination by....
  • not leaving hoses attached or submerged in unsafe water such as fertilizer or cleaning solution.
  • confirming that anti-siphon type irrigation valves are installed on irrigation valves.
  • installing a hose bib vacuum breaker. Please note most new homes are already equipped with anti-siphon faucets
Related inquiries, concerns, or questions you may contact a City of Edinburg Cross Connection Inspector (956) 388-8203