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City Manager

Myra L. Ayala, City Manager

Myra L. Ayala
City Manager
956-388-8207 | Mayala@cityofedinburg.com

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The City Manager is appointed by the Edinburg City Council and manages all City departments, administers the City budget, and represents the City in various capacities.

Myra L. Ayala is responsible for numerous administrative processes that allow the City to operate and sets forth policies that are implemented throughout the organization. The City Manager has three Assistant City Managers that make up the City Management Team.

Together, they work directly with the Department Directors to ensure the goals and vision of the City Council are executed. 

The City Management Team, along with the City Council, regularly conducts outreach meetings to hear the requests and views of its community members and address any concerns.

The City of Edinburg has personnel staff of approximately 1,084 active employees that comprise 31 departments and divisions of which are managed by the City Manager’s Office.