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City Secretary

Vital Statistics Forms of Identifications

All applicants must present proof of identity satisfactory to the department. All documents must be verifiable. A copy will be made of the identification and retained with the certificate order.  
There are three categories of documents that may be presented to establish proof of identity. While the authenticity of the identification presented by the customer is to be determined by the processor and the department, the following rules regarding acceptable identification must be followed: 

Identification Requirements
 * Provide One (1) from Group A - Primary Identification
 * or Provide Two (2) from Group B - Secondary Identification 
 * or Provide One (1) from Group B - Secondary Identification and Provide Two (2) from Group C - Supporting Documentation 

*As per the State of Texas-Bureau of Vital Statistics, the City of Edinburg no longer accepts the Mexican Matrícula Consular and Honduran Matrícula consular, also known as the Honduran consular ID.


Identifications Defined




These items are complete within themselves and require no supporting instruments. All of these may not be expired for more than 90 days and must include a photo.



The secondary identification is classified as government issued documents, documents that require identification to establish, or documents that contain biometric identifiers. Consular Certification documents from El Salvador and Honduras are accepted as foreign identification with identifiable photo of applicant. The Mexican Matrícula Consular and Honduran Matrícula consular, also known as the Honduran consular ID, is not accepted. 



 These items consist of other records or documents that aid examining personnel in establishing the identity of the applicant. The following items are not all inclusive. The examining or supervisory personnel may determine that an unlisted document meets the department’s needs in establishing identity.

See Title 25, Texas Administrative Code §181.28, for complete details on qualified applicant identification and supporting documentation requirements.