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Community Development/Grants Management

CDBG-CV Emergency Rental Assistance Application

The City of Edinburg has developed two major programs to assist eligible residents with their rent, (CDBG-CV) and (CDBG.)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been developed to provide rental assistance to eligible households and/or individuals who are in danger of eviction.

The Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) Emergency Rental Assistance Program (CDBG-CV ERAP) has been developed to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Based on your needs and the way you were affected, we may be able to provide assistance based on needs, eligibility and more. Please visit the page below based on your needs where you will learn more about each program, required documents and more.

Community Development
Block Grant (CDBG) Emergency Rental Assistance Program 

(Not Affected by COVID-19 
but are still in need of assistance? 
You may want to visit this page.)

The Community Development
Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) Emergency Rental Assistance Program 

(Affected by COVID-19? You may want
to visit this page.)
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Completed applications may be  submitted electronically at erap@cityofedinburg.com or they may be mailed to:

City of Edinburg Community Development/GM
415 W. University Drive Edinburg, Texas 78541

Applications may also be sent via fax to 956-292-2140. For any questions contact Mrs. Veronica Guerrero, Housing Coordinator, at 956-388-8206 or email erap@cityofedinburg.com