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Human Resources / Civil Service

Employee Benefits Division

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The Benefits Division administers benefits for active and retired employees and dependents that meet qualifications. The City is committed to providing affordable benefits that assist employees in being physically and mentally healthy.  When it comes to employee health, we empower employees with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to protect their physical and emotional health.


BlueShield of Texas (Health) 
Website: www.bcbstx.com 
Customer Service: 1-800-521-2227

Delta Dental (Dental)
Website: www.deltadentalins.com 
Customer Service: 800-521-2651

Avesis (Vision)
Website: www.avesis.com 
Customer Service: 800-828-9341

Colonial Life (Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, Accident)
Website: coloniallife.com 
Customer Service: 800-325-4368

Cancer Claim Blue Callout - Toastmasters District 57 Accident Claim Blue Callout - Toastmasters District 57 Hospital Confinement/
        Outpatient Surgery Claim

Wellfleet (Critical Illness)
Website: www.wellfleetworkplace.com
Customer Service: 1-855-900-4777

Blue Callout - Toastmasters District 57 Group Voluntary Critical Illness Policy and Optional Rider Claim

Dearborn National (Group & Voluntary Life Insurance) 
Website: www.dearbornnational.com 
Customer Service: 1-800-348-4512

MASA (Ambulance and Air Services)
Representative: Brice Calahan 956-252-6818
Customer Service: 1-800-423-3226

Madison National (Long-Term Disability) 
Website: www.ochsinc.com 
Customer Service: 1-800-392-7295

Trustmark (Short-Term Disability)
Email: customercare@trustmarkbenefits.com
Customer Service: 800-918-8877

Legal Shield (Legal Services)
Representative: Cristela E Vargas 956-792-9952
Customer Service: 1-800-876-0030

ICMA-RC (457 Deferred Compensation Plans)
Representative: Jennifer Perry 202-258-8195
Customer Service: 1-800-669-7400

Nationwide (457 Deferred Compensation Plans)
Representative: Wilson Heacock 361-887-1978
Customer Service: 1-877-677-3678

VOYA (457 Deferred Compensation Plans)
Representative: Rolando Guerra 956-380-6475
Customer Service: 1-877-884-5050

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Gabriel Luna
Benefits Manager
Estella Rodriguez
Human Resources Generalist II
Gloria Gomez
Human Resources Generalist I






Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)
The City provides membership to all eligible employees for the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Employee contributes 7% of gross income (pre-tax); the City matches the contribution at a rate of 2:1. The employee becomes vested with the City of Edinburg after ten years of service. Employees become eligible for retirement at 20 years of service. Employees with public service at another entity may apply for service credit toward total years of service. Upon retirement, TMRS provides monthly income for retirees that will include the City's contribution match. 

Vacation Leave
Regular full-time civil and non-civil service employees accrue vacation leave on a bi-weekly basis. An employee may not use any accrued vacation leave until he/she has successfully completed his/her initial employments probationary period. 

Sick Leave
All regular full-time employees begin accruing paid sick leave during their first full month of employment. Regular full-time employees who are in their initial probationary status may use accrued sick leave only if approved by their Supervisor and/or Department Director.

The City of Edinburg provides paid holiday to regular full-time employees (whether on probation or not). Every other employee is extended the official holiday, but without pay.  The City Council designates holidays for the City employees. 

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