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Human Resources / Civil Service


Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)
The City provides membership to all eligible employees for the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Employee contributes 7% of gross income (pre-tax); the City matches the contribution at a rate of 2:1. The employee becomes vested with the City of Edinburg after ten years of service. Employees become eligible for retirement at 20 years of service. Employees with public service at another entity may apply for service credit toward total years of service. Upon retirement, TMRS provides monthly income for retirees that will include the City's contribution match.
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  • TMRS Application for Military Service Credit Time Only
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  • TMRS Application for Military Service Credit Purchase
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  • TMRS Application for Restircted Prior Service Credit
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  • TMRS Refund Application
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  • TMRS Address or Name Change Form
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  • TMRS Supplemental Death Benefits Beneficary Designation
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  • TMRS USERRA Military Service Credit Application
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  • TMRS Beneficiary Designation Before Retirement
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  • TMRS Service Retirement Packet
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