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Human Resources / Civil Service


All positions are filled through a process of written examinations and physical agility tests as prescribed via Chapter 143 of the Local Government Code. 

Entry-Level Firefighter Examination Notice

Entry-Level Firefighter Application
Release of Liability Form

Entry-Level Firefighter Raw Scores

Minimum Requirements 

To be eligible to take the Civil Service Examination and the Physical Agility/Strength and Endurance Examination for the Entry-Level Position of Firefighter with Edinburg Fire Department applicants shall:  Minimum Requirements

Entrance Exam

Edinburg Firefighters are hired from an eligibility list of the names of individuals who have successfully passed a Civil Service Firefighter Entry-Level Examination. This is list valid for 12 months or until exhausted. 

After successful completion of the Civil Service Examination, applicants are processed in the following manner: 

  • A physical agility examination;
  • A thorough background investigation; 
  • An oral interview; 
  • A medical/physical examination; and 
  • A mental examination/psychological evaluation.