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Municipal Court

Court Fines

Additional fees, MAY be added to the total cost of the violation(s). Also, your offense MAY be eligible for a compliance dismissal, defensive driving (DSC), or a deferral. If you have any questions regarding your violation(s), please contact the City of Edinburg Municipal Court by calling 956-289-7797 or appear in person at 100 E. Freddy Gonzalez Dr., Edinburg, Texas. This list does not include all fines that could be filed with the City of Edinburg Municipal Court.

*No court hearings available at the moment.*
Public Intoxication   Up to $500 Plus court cost
 Theft  Up to $500 Plus court cost
 Public Intoxication by Minor  Up to $500 Plus court cost
 Open Container  Up to $500 Plus court cost
 Assault Class "C"  Up to $500 Plus court cost
 Failure to Identify  Up to $500 Plus court cost
 No Insurance (1st Offense)  $270.00
 No Driver's License  $170.00
 Fail to Display Driver's License  $170.00
 Expired Driver's License  $170.00
 Driving While License Invalid   $170.00
 Expired Registration  $170.00
 Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection   $170.00
 Speeding 1-20 MPH   $170.00
 Speeding OVER 20 MPH   $210.00
 Speeding - SCHOOL ZONE 1-20 MPH  $195.00
 Speeding - SCHOOL ZONE OVER 20 MPH   $235.00
 Restrictions On Windows Offense (Tint)   $170.00
 Defective Head Lamps   $170.00
 Passenger Not Wearing Safety Belt   $152.00
 Driver Not Wearing Safety Belt   $152.00
 Child Not In Passenger Safety Seat System   $127.00
 Child Not in Safety Belt   $220.00
 Ran Red Light   $170.00
 Ran Stop Sign   $170.00
 Use of Wireless Communication   $195.00
 Device Offense (School Zone)  
 Unsafe Lane Change   $170.00
 Failed to Control Speed   $170.00
 Turned When Unsafe   $170.00
 Failed To Yield Right Of Wa  $170.00
 Hit and Run   $270.00