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Parks and Recreation

Refunds and Credit Policies

Parks and Recreation holds the right to place refund and/ or credit policies, but we also understand and have placed reasonable policies to better serve our citizens. The following is a list of policies which have been properly established with solutions and further details. For any further questions or concerns, you may contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (956) 381 5631.

Credit Parameters:
  1. Customer must come in within 2 weeks from the start  of the program to get credit.
  2. Credit will be issued to the following month-- not several months ahead.
  3. In order to receive credit, the new class which will be taken must be of equal value. 
  4. If not of equal value (but higher,) customer must use all amount and pay the  difference (within the same month.) If the amount is less, the customer will lose the remaining credit.
  5. If customer comes in a month after the program has started, no credit will be issued; the customer will lose credit due to not doing so within an adequate time frame. 
We will issue refunds for the following valid reasons: 
  1. On or Before 1st Day of Class
  • Special circumstance ONLY
  • Needs a supervisor approval.
Medical issue: 
  1. Must provide a doctor excuse.
  2. must be within 2 weeks of injury.
NOTE: $3 Admin processing fee will be applied.

We will not issue refunds, but credit will be permitted according to our  policies, some of the reasons include, but are not limited to: 
  1. After 1st day of class-- the customer will lose credit due to not doing so within an adequate time frame. 
  2. Customer was not present in the class.
  3. Customer did not like the class.
  4. Customer only attended 1 to 2 classes.