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Planning & Zoning

Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division maintains a clean, livable city by ensuring properties comply with ordinances set by the City Council. Code enforcement officers patrol assigned areas throughout the city for code violations and investigate concerns with a mission of resolving issues and educating residents. 
The following code violations are the most common dealt by the Code Enforcement Division:
  • High Grass and Weeds
  • Illegal Land Use/Zoning
  • Junk, Litter, Debris on Property
  • Parking on Unimproved Surfaces
  • Junked Vehicles & Inoperable Vehicles on Property
  • Dilapidated Structures
  • Garage Sale Without a Permit
  • Illegal Signs
To register a concern contact 956-388-1838 or click here.

Code Enforcement Staff:
Leeanna Lopez, Administrative Specialist

Noe Elizondo, Code Enforcement Officer
Rafael Gonzalez Jr., Code Enforcement Officer
Esteban Estrada, Senior Code Enforcement Officer
David De La Fuente, Code Enforcement Officer
Carlos Gomez, Code Enforcement Officer