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Planning & Zoning


Planning & Zoning FAQ: What is Zoning?

Planning & Zoning FAQ: What is a Subdivision Plat?

Planning & Zoning FAQ: What does "Nonconforming" mean?

Building FAQ: Do Contractors have to be registered with the City?

Building FAQ: Do I need a permit to have a garage/yard sale?

Health FAQ: When is the next food handlers class?

Backflow/Cross-Connection FAQ: What are cross connections?

Backflow/Cross-connection FAQ: What does a backfow device do?

Code Enforcement FAQ: What is considered to be high weeds and grass?

Code Enforcement FAQ: Can the City do anything about people who have lots of trash and debris at their homes?

Code Enforcement FAQ: Can semi-trucks or oversize vehicles be parked in my neighborhood?

Code Enforcement FAQ: Can a vehicle be parked on a vacant or unimproved surface/grass within a property?