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Planning & Zoning

Special Events

This division addresses temporary uses. 2.201, Permitted Uses, includes use tables that differentiate between uses that are listed as "Permitted" and uses that are "Limited" or "Special" in each district.  Uses listed as "Permitted" are regulated by Section 2.503, Permitted Temporary Uses. A temporary use permit shall be required in all cases. 

Special events in stadiums or city facilities shall be regulated by the City and are not limited by this section. All other special events are permitted by Special Use Permits if the following are demonstrated:

  1. Duration. Special event is limited to no more than five consecutive days; not including set-up and tear-down, unless approved by the city.
  2. Access Control. If deemed necessary by the city engineer, property access shall be controlled by specific traffic personnel paid for by the applicant. Written communication from the police department must be provided prior to receiving a permit indicating provisions have been made.
  3. Sanitation. The City, or another applicable agency or department, must approve sanitary provisions. Applicant must provide written communication from applicable department or agency prior to receiving permit.
  4. Electric and lighting. The City’s inspector must approve all electric and lighting facilities. Applicant must provide written communication from the inspector prior to receiving permit.
  5. Noise. Maximum noise levels may be established. Levels are based on distance of site to adjoining residential uses and any history of complaints with similar events.
  6. Site restoration. Applicant will provide surety for complete site restoration upon event’s conclusion or should the permit be revoked.

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