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Communications Department

911:  What To Do

What to do when you call 911?
An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and sometimes dangerous situation requiring immediate police, fire or medical action. 
Call 911 immediately if you are experiencing or witnessing an emergency. 
When you call, please try to:
  • Stay calm 
  • Speak clearly 
  • Answer all questions the operator is asking you
  • Follow directions the operator gives you 

Keep in mind, when you dial 911, the operator that is taking down your information is not the same operator that is sending you help. These two operators work independently and simultaneously when an emergency call comes into the department. 
The operators are trained professionals and that may need to extract more information in order for the emergency personnel to respond faster and assist them in apprehending any suspects.
For example, if you are reporting a burglary of habitation that just occurred, the responding officers need to know the physical description of the suspects from head to toe, their method and direction of travel and if any weapons were used during the commission of the crime. The operators are asked to stay on the line with victims calling 911 if they believe they can provide more information for the officers.