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Communications Department

Communications Overview

The Communications Department is comprised of 23 licensed telecommunicators; 20 Communication Operators, 2 Communication Supervisors, 1 Communication Manager.

On average, the Communications Department answers 75,000 combined calls for Police, Fire, Medical and Animal Control concerns.  The Communications Department answers both 911 and non-emergency calls.  The Communications Operators are assigned to one of three functions each day: answering calls, dispatching police officers or dispatching fire department.  If a caller needs medical assistance, the call is transferred to the ambulance services and the operator stays on the line silently, to properly screen and input the call into the system. 


Once a call for police or fire service is entered, the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system routes the call to the Communications Operator assigned to the police or fire radio. This means when you call 9-1-1 or Crime Stoppers, the operator you are speaking to is not the operator who is dispatching the call, and they are not the person physically responding to your call; this is why answering an operator's questions does not delay an officer’s or fire fighter’s response time.

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