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Public Works

Stormwater Actions

 We are requiring new developments to set aside land that will handle the excess water created by the construction. You see this around town in the ponds located around new developments. These ponds capture the runoff from the developed site and give it time to either percolate into the ground naturally or be transported to larger ditches. We have also increased the requirements for green spaces to decrease potential runoff from developing areas.
Maintenance - We are improving the way we maintain the City’s ditches, canals and culverts, mapping the location of stormwater facilities, monitoring their condition and tracking the time it takes to maintain them. This will help us determine which ones are working well, and which ones aren’t in order to make improvements to the system.
Responding to Questions & Complaints - When you have a storm water concern within Edinburg, call the Stormwater Hotline at (956) 388-8999 to find out what can be done. We use your calls to help us determine what repairs or maintenance is needed for the stormwater system to work at peak efficiency. You can also use our webform to report problems or e-mail your concerns to stormwater@ci.edinburg.tx.us.
Public Involvement & Awareness - We are informing the public about the drainage system, how it functions and how to take care of it. We are also providing training classes to contractors, builders & engineers on the requirements of the state’s construction permit and what they must do when building within the City to be in compliance with State and local stormwater laws.
Cleanup Events - We are also sponsoring Community Cleanup events within areas where the City notices an increase in dumping to keep our drain ditches clean.
Stormwater Marking Program - The City is implementing a stormwater marking program and is planning on beginning marking storm drains within the City in October of 2011. These markers will be installed at inlets letting people know that what they put into the drain goes directly to the Laguna Madre.
Construction Site Monitoring - The City monitors large construction sites to assure compliance with State and Federal Laws. Construction sites are required to implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and make sure that the dirt stays on the construction site and does not run into the street where it can be washed away into the storm system.