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Public Works

Traffic Division

Operations Management: Provides the overall management of the division’s two major operational functions in the administrative and technical aspects of the various traffic programs. The administrative aspect includes fiscal and budgeting activities, resolving complaints, maintaining the division’s personnel and traffic records, obtaining federal funds, training personnel and administration of its traffic education program. The technical aspects include reviewing plans and specifications, investigating complaints, completing traffic studies and reports, and recommending improvements in the various operating and maintenance functions.  

Streetlights and Traffic Signals: Designs, installs, operates and maintains all streetlights, traffic signals, crosswalk lights, and electrical energy conservation programs.

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Signs & Markings: Responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of all traffic control signs and pavement markings within the city limits.

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Safety: Responsible for the overall planning and design of Traffic Engineering related projects. Traffic Monster - Copy

The Public Works Department wants to remind all citizens of driving safety.
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City Speed Hump Program
City of Edinburg residents have expressed concern about speeding and cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods.  In response to public interest, the city has developed and adopted a Speed Hump Policy. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) defines “traffic calming” as "the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior and improve conditions for non-motorized street users”. The City of Edinburg also expands this definition to include non-physical measures such as educational programs and enhanced enforcement.  Neighborhood traffic calming measures are an attempt to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety and preserve neighborhood character and livability. There are many traffic calming devices available to achieve this effect.  The specific and considered measures are described in more detail in the Speed Hump Policy. These measures can generally be used to address problems with speeding, cut-through traffic, increased volume and safety. When a traffic calming measure is implemented successfully, it is effective and self enforcing.

Hours of Operation Contact Information
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm
Street Address:
City Service Center
1201 N. Doolittle Rd.
Edinburg, Texas 78541
Phone: (956) 388-8210, ext. 1413
Email: layala@cityofedinburg.com