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Solid Waste Management

Brush / Bulk Item Services

Brush/Bulk Item Collection Overview

As part of our Residential Service, Brush and Bulk Item Collection is provided to all single family residences, townhouses or commercialized residences (consisting of two or less units) and 
is responsible for collecting yard trimmings, brush, leaves, old furniture, appliances (not containing CFC's) and small quantities of C&D and it is offered to Residential Customers only as part of their normal collection services. Brush nor Bulk Item removal or collection is included with Commercial Collection Services but is available by special pick up through a request by the owner or master account holder to our Special Services Program for removal (Residential & Commercial Collection Services - Commercial Container Service, defined). Except those who have received variance from this section, are required to subscribe to the City’s residential collection service. 

The City of Edinburg is divided into four brush collection areas; each will be provided service once a month. Each area’s collection begins on Monday and takes one full week to complete. Brush must be placed by the curb on Sunday before collection begins in each area. Brush collection crews will make only one pass in each neighborhood. Brush put out after our crews have passed will not be collected.

In an effort to make your yard maintenance more consistent with Brush Collection schedules, alleviate potential fire and health hazards and to maintain a Clean City, we herein furnish the projected dates (by week) in which Brush Collection service will be provided at your home. We recommend that these dates be considered for placement on your calendar for future reference and that Yard Waste be placed out the day prior to the week of collection. Please make sure that brush is free of any foreign materials. Appliance, furniture, or small accumulation of trash should be placed separate from the brush.  The city does not collect contractor-generated waste from construction repairs, remodeling jobs or tree/lawn work.

Collection Specifications:

  • Place brush and/or bulk items on the parkway in front of your home only.
  • During collection white goods and bulk items consisting of furniture, appliance, rugs, water heaters, mattresses, etc; will also be collected. These items must be placed a few feet away from the brush pile.
  • Place all brush and/or bulk items at the collection point at the front curb and place away from stationary obstacles such as mailboxes,  phone pedestals, electrical and cable boxes and low hanging wires.
  • Piles must be placed at the curb by Sunday night before scheduled collection.
  • Stack branches neatly on the parkway with cut ends toward the street.
  • Do not tie or bundle your brush piles for the free bulk brush collection program.
  • Materials should not create a safety hazard by blocking the view of motorists.
  • Materials blocked by vehicles will not be collected in order to avoid damaging closely parked vehicles.
  • Branches must measure between 3 feet and 6 feet in length, and be no greater than 6 inches in diameter.
  • Brush piles containing metal, stones, vines, root balls, stumps or lumber will not be collected. If brush contains anything other than branches it will not be collected.
The following materials will NOT be collected by City Crews; these include: televisions, electronics, earth, rocks, broken concrete, asphalt, roofing, shingles or any trash generated by construction or demolition activities either by residents or contractors for businesses or residences. Arrangements can be made with the department for special pick up collection.

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Bulk Item Collection:

Bulk Item Collection is provided for large household items that will not fit into your  trash container.  All items placed for collection should be generated by residents at their own property.  The city does not collect contractor-generated waste from construction repairs, remodeling jobs or tree/lawn work. 

Please follow these guidelines to facilitate brush & bulky waste collections:

  • Brush, bulky waste, appliances and bagged grass and leaves should be set out in separate, distinct piles.
  • Avoid placing brush or bulky waste near mailbox, cable box, sprinkler heads, overhanging limbs or other stationary obstructions. 
  • Materials blocked by vehicles will not be collected in order to avoid damaging closely parked vehicles.
  • Avoid placing brush where it interferes with motorist visibility.
  • Brush pickup is for residents who have performed tree or brush work on their property only.
  • No masonry with rebar, tires, or pallets will be picked up at the curb.
  • Brush and Bulk items should be placed out by Sunday of the week of collection.  
  • Construction debris pickup is for residents who have performed small remodeling work on their own property only and can be set out for collection only four times per year during each calendar year.
  • If we do not pick up your brush or bulky waste, we will leave a tag affixed to the pile explaining why it was not collected. 

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Out of Cycle Brush:

Residents are also reminded that they can take  their brush or other bulky waste material, at no cost, to the Edinburg Regional Landfill, located at 8601 North Jasman Road. Residents must present their driver’s license and a copy of their most current utility bill. 

Hours of operation for the Edinburg Landfill are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

If you need to have your brush, bulk or other white goods picked up while brush crews are not servicing your area, you can request to have this material picked up for an additional fee. Please note that the placing of waste in any vacant lot, alley, curb or sidewalk in a manner which may cause obstruction or unsafe condition is unlawful. Please call the DSWM office if you should have any doubt on the placement of your brush or garbage at 381-5635. Fees are based on the quantity of material being disposed.

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"Don't Bag It"

Leave grass clippings on the lawn - it's a great fertilizer, helps to reduce watering, and saves space in the City landfill! Take extra care to prevent the loose grass clippings from entering the gutters, storm drains, and street.

Brush Schedule
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Exclusive Provider
The City of Edinburg is the exclusive provider of solid waste and recycling services for residences, businesses and industry in the City of Edinburg city limits. Private haulers may NOT collect from any location within the City; if the City is unable to provide a specialized service to a particular establishment or business (such as hazardous waste collection) then the resident or business owner must receive written authorization from the City in order to contract with a Private hauler. That hauler must then provide the service as prescribed by the Department of Solid Waste Management.