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Solid Waste Management

Fleet Services

The SWM operates and provides for the mechanical, maintenance and structural support of 162 pieces of rolling stock and support equipment by operating a fully integrated mechanic and welding shop.  The following programs are under the Supervision of SWM Fleet Manager.


  • Responsible for planning and developing vehicle and equipment specifications and bidding schedules for the Department’s fleet.
  • Provide oversight for the Department’s Equipment Refurbishing and Replacement Program.

  • Ensures the City’s light and heavy duty fleet and equipment are operational for use.
  • Provides maintenance to approximately 162 units.
  • Fully dedicated shop for the service of the Department of SWM
  • Provides parts for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and heavy equipment.

  • Manages the fuel, oil inventory and car wash facilities for the City.
  • 1 fueling facility
    • Unleaded
    • Diesel
    • Dyed Diesel
  • 1 automated carwash facility
  • 2 manual carwash bays