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Solid Waste Management

Resource Recovery Services / Recycling

Recycling Overview

The DSWM provides residential, commercial, recycling collection, processing and disposal services for approximately 26,000 residents and 1,200 commercial customers. All residents/commercial customers may be eligible to receive garbage and recycling services from the City of Edinburg after establishing a water account with the City's Utility Department. When establishing your services you may also request information or join on our voluntary curbside recycling program, which is currently only available to our residential customers; commercial customers are able to utilize our recycling drop off center. For more specific information see our Recycling Services tab.

Curbside Services:

All new single family residents may be eligible to receive recycling services from the City of Edinburg after establishing a water account with the City's Utility Department; or if you may be an established  residential customer with a brownstone wheeled cart from DSWM, you are also able to  get a blue cart for recycling, please complete this form 
or visit the DSWM at, 8601  North Jasman Road in Edinburg to pick up a cart.  For additional questions please call (956) 292-2133 .

Please refer to calendar for scheduled service. Have your container out by the curb before 7 a.m. on the day of service. All bins must be taken off the curb by 7 p.m. on your collection day. Containers should only be on the curb on collections pickup days. There is no set time for pickups of bins on scheduled days.

Drop Center Services:

The City of Edinburg Resources Recovery Center is situated at 3102 S. US-281 BUS in Edinburg and 
offers drive thru drop off convenience for recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, magazines, paper, aluminum cans, tin/steel cans, plastics #1 & #2, motor oil, lead acid batteries. 

 The Center also offers programs, events & tours. Our goal is to offer environmental education on the benefits of recycling to everyone. Please call the Department of Solidwaste Management for more information. Please review our approved items list to understand better what materials and items that can be placed in the container and which items are unaccepted altogether.

The Center offers drive-thru drop off convenience
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 8 AM-5 PM
Closed all observed Holidays

 Approved Items*
Bond & Computer Paper

White/colored office and school paper with black ink, typical junk mail including envelopes without any wax markings

Plastics #1 & #2 
plastic 1

PETE, Pet #1, Soda and water bottles, and other food containers clear or colored; Milk, HDPE #2 detergent, shampoo, etc. Empty and rinse out. Please don't allow any content residue to remain.
Aluminum, Steel 
& Tin Cans
Clean and empty beverage or food cans that are void of liquids or foreign matter. The removal of labels or flattening is not necessary. Please note, only the end lids are metal on frozen juice containers and must be removed from the cylinder.

 Motor Oil &  Lead Acid Batteries

Used motor oil free of water and foreign debris. Lead acid batteries. 
*Please note that tires are not accepted

  Magazines/BooksMAGAMagazines free of plastic wrap, paper back books, catalogs.  Glass

Clear and colored glass are accepted. Empty and rinse out if needed. No windshield glass, mirrors, light bulbs/fluorescent, pottery, ceramics, candle jars.
CardboardBOXCorrugated cardboard boxes, press-board (i.e. cereal, cake mix, food packaging, paper and bathroom tissue cores, poster board, folders) No waxed cardboard, must be free of any plastic, foam or non-cardboard material.  Newspaper
Black and white newsprint including all inserts found in a newspaper
Although paints are not accepted we find that the best way to manage oil-based paint is to "Use It Up" or "Pass It On." Small amounts of paint can be mixed together with other colors or bulked together and used as a primer coat on jobs where the final finish is not critical. Avoid creating waste at the start. Also adding mulch or letting the paint dry can be another way of safe disposal.

*New Changes have been implemented in 2020.