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Economic Development

About EDC

As the fastest developing city in the Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg has everything your company needs to be successful. The Edinburg EDC provides assistance in site selection, relocation, and other services related to a new, expanding or relocating business. Please contact us, we are ready to help.

Our Services


We connect you to the right people. Whether it is finding the right talent, necessary capital to grow your business, or connecting you to industry peers, EDC leverages its network of partners to help companies grow in our region. We’ll serve as your advocate with local government agencies, facilitate introductions to industry trade associations, and other private organizations throughout our region.


We coordinate and conduct outreach to discuss issues affecting companies’ ability to stay and grow in the region. We work with elected officials, universities, and other policy makers to facilitate your needs whether your concern is workforce, infrastructure, transportation, housing, or another issue.


We work through local, state, national, and international communication channels to elevate our region, leading industry sectors, and individual companies. Our regularly distributed publications showcase investment in the region and news in a wide spectrum of industries.

Business Retention

We serve local companies by providing assistance with expansion plans, programs to help retain business, and advocating for policies that enhance the region’s economic competitiveness.

Business Expansion

We lead attraction efforts to bring new investment and new companies to the region. We market the region to highlight the incredible talent available and the quality of life that keeps them here. We collaborate with industry associations and economic development partners to develop cohesive approaches to regional issues.

Business Attraction

We see the big picture. Work with us to determine how your company can take advantage of the unique assets of this bi-national, bi-lingual, region.