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UFO Festival

2020-03-16 (2)

The Edinburg UFO Festival will be postponed from the first weekend of April to the second weekend of August due to travel concerns for the UFO Celebrity Presenters, possibly becoming infected from COVID-19. The UFO Celebrities, which appear on tv shows such as Ancient Aliens, would be traveling from current infection clusters and go through various airports before arriving in the RGV, which would potentially expose them to infectionThe Annual Edinburg UFO Festival, 3rd ranked in the United States, will be postponed to August 13th – 15th 2020.  This three-day Festival will include conferences by renowned UFO speakers from shows like Ancient Aliens and Fact or Faked; a Festival full of activities like a planetarium, tin foil hat station, vendors, Autopsy Room, and much more; costume contests, and a 3D mapping experience, and an "Out of this World" music-lights-sound show. The UFO Festival will also include footage of UFO sightings in the Rio Grande Valley. 

The Festival was inspired by an Incident in 1966 in north Edinburg, where nine witnesses saw a flying object strike their vehicle. The Festival kicks off with the open mic at the iconic Edinburg Municipal Auditorium on Thursday, August 13th, at 7:00 PM. Those interested in sharing their accounts of personal encounters or footage are highly encouraged to contact us via phone at 956-383-6246 or via email at arts@cityofedinburg.com

The one of a kind festival in South Texas promises to deliver a unique experience beginning with an open invitation for cosplayers to participate in a costume contest. The Contest has two categories, artistic original costume design, and SciFi costume. A Planetarium, Autopsy Station, as well as a Tin-Foil Hat Station and much more, will take place at the City of Edinburg's City Hall Courtyard on Friday, August 14th starting at 6:00 PM, where music, food, shopping and entertainment of lights and sound will teleport you "Out of This World". The Festival is free and open to the entire Rio Grande Valley on August 13th and 14th.

On Saturday, August 15th, the Festival will host UFO Celebrity Speakers who will travel to Edinburg to share their investigative work on the  UFO phenomena and share their expertise at the Edinburg UFO Conference starting at 8:30 AM. Conference tickets are being sold at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library and online at http://edinburgufo2020.eventbrite.com/ tickets are now on sale. Tickets to the Conference start $25 but will increase in price as the Conference approaches. For more information about the UFO Speakers line up, please visit www.edinburgufo.com.

This is another great program brought to you by the Edinburg Library & Cultural Arts Department. For more information or special accommodations, contact the Sekula Memorial Library at  956-383-6246 or visit www.edinburgarts.com.