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Edinburg Library Hosts Art Exhibit 'Maquinal Y Desgana'


Calendar emojiDecember 8, 2021  
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October 18- December 8, 2021
Location: Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library

Collection Includes 18 Original Works of Art by Artist Ricardo Benavides

EDINBURG, TX – The city of Edinburg invites the public to view artist Ricardo Benavides' art exhibit 'Maquinal Y Desgana.' The exhibition, located at the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library, features eighteen new and original works by the artist. 

Scheduled to run now until December 12, 2021, the exhibit also featured artist reception on November 17, 2021 where attendees can listen to Mr. Benavides describe his artistic process and reasoning behind the exhibited artwork. 

Mr. Benavides uses geometric forms to represent figures and reality minimalistic and cleanly. He uses digital software to construct structures based on traditional themes like still life, landscapes, and portraits but his work is a representation of the digital age we live in.

This event will observe all COVID-19 safe guidelines to ensure the safety of all in attendance. For more information, contact the City's Library & Cultural Arts Department at 956-383-6246 or visit the City's Cultural Arts website at www.edinburgarts.com


Ricardo Benavides’ use of geometric forms in the construction of figures tries to represent reality minimally and cleanly. The objective is to show primary and colorful forms with a clear digital language that identifies our present times. The process is quite simple. First, Benavides uses digital software to
construct forms based on traditional themes like still life, landscapes, or portraits. Then, he transfers the digital image to canvas or drawing paper.

Benavides’ intention is to create art that is compatible with our present times and our digital era. He uses very clean forms, with specific forms in the construction of characters, portraits, fruits, etc. The evolution of this type of vocabulary began in 2004 with the use of synthetic cubism. However,
Benavides’ intention was not to create traditional cubism but to go further and to experiment more with the construction rather than with the simple expression of reality.

Another source for his artistic vocabulary is architecture. The forms and philosophy of architecture in Mexico is very modernistic and very compatible with the present times. His fascination with Mexican architecture, which has a global and international philosophy, is something he wanted to use for his creative process. In the end, Benavides’ work has an intention to represent our present, where geometric forms, construction, digital forms, colorful shapes, clean and precise edges are the primary source of his artwork.