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Boards, Commissions, & Committees


These Committees were created by the City of Edinburg Mayor and Council: 

  • The Capable Kids Committee 
The Capable Kids Committee is comprised of members from the community who all share a common vision and goal which is to ensure the City of Edinburg promotes parks which are inclusive to children and adults with disabilities.   

  • Ebony Hills Ad-Hoc Committee
The Ebony Hills Ad-Hoc Committee was developed by the Mayor and Edinburg City Council on October 02, 2018 in an effort to ensure transparency and community participation for the future of Ebony Hills Golf Course.

These Committees are part of the Edinburg 2040 initiative: 

  • Transportation/Mobility/Connectivity/Drainage

Function: Support the enhancement of multi-modal transportation systems within the City of Edinburg and its surrounding areas to promote organized growth, the mobility, connectivity and safety for the people, as well as, goods and services originating and having a destination in the City of Edinburg

  • Public Safety

Function: To improve the quality of life in our community by addressing the needs that ensure a safe and healthy environment for all citizens.

  • Health and Wellness

Function: To create a community where optimum physical and mental health is enjoyed by all its citizens.

  • Neighborhoods/Parks/Green Spaces/Beautification

Function: To create a design to help preserve neighborhoods, parks and green spaces in the community for future generations, to create healthy living spaces in the community, to enhance the environment and promote community’s unique heritage.

  • Arts/Culture/Historic Preservation

Function: To continue to inspire greater participation and an appreciation for the arts and humanities activities by providing the Edinburg community the opportunity to learn of and experience the various social, cultural, and economic benefits.

  • Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

Function: To include the perspective of the City’s youth by becoming engaged in establishing the future of the their City.

  • Economic Development/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/workforce

Function: To efficiently and effectively leverage resources and collaborate with organizations in Edinburg to promote economic growth, expand the tax base, and create quality and educational career and business opportunities for its citizens.

  • Government Transparency/Equity/Civic Engagement

Function: To improve public participation and communication between the City of Edinburg and the community.

For more information on the Edinburg2040 committees, please visit the Edinburg2040 website