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Community Development Council


Community Development Council advises the City Council of the City of Edinburg, Texas, whenever requested to do so by the said City Council, on all matters related to the desirable, proper, and timely development of the City of Edinburg, Texas; as incidental to its defined purpose as indicated above, the Community Development Council may receive and review information and reports from citizens participation groups, as well as prepare recommendations to the City Council.

The Board Meets Regularly Every Second Thursday Of The Month.

City Hall - Community Room 
415 West University Drive Edinburg, Texas 78541

Board Members
Elizabeth Martinez  
Hugo E. Leal  
Kerry D. De La Fuente  
Norma Catalina Olivarez  
Leah Vargas  
Ruben Palacios  
Jose Angel Guerra  
Regino Salinas  
Eric Lede