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Need Help?

The City of Edinburg has provided a new means for residents to make payments online without the inconvenience to have to drive to our offices. If you come across any issues or don't know how to get started, please follow our tutorials below. 


Can I change my email after I registered?
Follow the instructions below.
  1. Login.
  2. Once you log in, and you are on the homepage, click the This is found in the upper-right corner. 
  3. You will be given a variety of options. To change information regarding your account, such as email, click on Member Profile
  4. Once in the Member Profile, you will see the page below.  You will see your email listed on the bold-red line below. To change your email, click  

5. When you click change, you will be redirected below. Again, the bold-red line below will be where your current email address should be located. You will type your new email below, and click the  


6. Once you submit your request to change your email, you will be redirected to a new page with the following message. 

7. Visit your email (from the new email address) where you will receive the message below. The red-bold line is your current email address. The aqua-bold line is the new address. To make the changes, click on 

8. You will be redirected to a new page with the following message. Change complete.     

How do I download the app to pay my bill?
1.  Search for MyCivic Utilities on the app store on  Google Play Store.

You can also find the app by scanning the following QR code,qrcode
2. Type Edinburg on the designated search box asking you to "search city."
3. The will then process your search and once it finds Edinburg it will take you to a new screen asking you to sign in, register, or continue as guest. If you already have an account with the City which you use online at https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/edinburgtx, then go ahead and use the same credentials to log in here. 

4. If you logged in, the app will look for your account, once it finds your account, you will be given the following screen, 
5. Go ahead and navigate the app, you now have access to number of features, including changing the City, accessing your profile, your account, looking at usage, history and more!  You can do this by clicking the tab menu on the right-top corner of the homepage. 

What do I need to connect water services?
 To connect water, you need an ID, lease agreement or proof of ownership, and a deposit.
Can we transfer services from one location to another?
We do not transfer services or deposits from location to another. It is considered a new connection. This is by city ordinance.
What is the address to city hall?
415 W University Dr.
What time is the water department open?
8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.
What time do they do the connection or re connection of services?
We do connections between 9am – 5pm in one hour increments. We also have connections between 5pm – 7pm.
When using the website to pay, they call for the previous amount paid on their bill, as a requirement from the website payment. Why is this?
The last payment amount is on the water bill. They only need it if they are doing Quick Pay or adding the account to their profile. They can also call for the amount if they do not have it.
Who do I call to ask for my account numbers to pay my bills?
The call center and the water department will give the resident the account number if they do not have it.
Who do I call to ask for my balance and when is it the latest date I can pay my bill?
We will give the resident their balance and the due date of the water bill. If the resident is up for disconnection, we can check if they qualify for an extension, which is one every six months. 
Who to call to ask why I have not received a bill in the mail?
 The resident can call the water department, but all the water bills are mailed monthly according to the cycle.
Can I call for an explanation on my high bill?
A service order can be done to recheck the readings.   If the readings are correct, we can verify if there is water going thru the meter but we do not know how  the water was consumed.
Can I call for an extension on a payment date/ or payment arrangement?
 A residents can call to see if the qualify for an extension, which is one every six months.
What is the email to send the paperwork for water connections?
Does someone have to be home for connections or reconnections?
Yes, someone needs to be at the location for the connection or reconnection. If the residents make a payment on disconnection day online or over the phone, they need to call so we can send someone to reconnect.
Is there a fee  for connections after hours?
The overtime fee is $35.00 which is not including any other disconnection and reconnection fees.
Who is allowed to disconnect services?
The person on the account is the only one allowed to disconnect service.
Can I add someone to the bill?
We can only add the spouse to the account if they have the last name.
What other ways can I make a payment on my water bill?
Payments can be done in the office, night deposit, drive thru, pay by phone and online. We have bank draft here at the office with a voided check.