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Go Green with E-Bills

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The City of Edinburg Utilities Billing Department (the "City") will attempt to send your paperless bill notice to the e-mail address you provide. You must keep your notice e-mail address current and contact the City directly if you do not receive your paperless bill notice. You agree to hold the City harmless for any delay or failure to deliver or receive the paperless bill notice.
By accepting these terms, you will no longer receive a paper bill from the City of Edinburg Utilities Billing Department. However, you may print a paper copy of your paperless bill and you may also request a mailed copy of a paper Bill for an additional charge.
By agreeing to receive a paperless bill instead of a paper bill, you must complete all the required sign up steps and accept these terms. It may take several bill cycles before you begin receiving your paperless bill. You are required to provide the City with accurate information and to keep that information current to continue receiving paperless billing.
The City does not automatically update or change your personal information and you must update or confirm any changes to your personal information, including any changes to your e-mail address or phone number for bill notices.
The ability to receive paperless bill notices via e-mail notice requires an active e-mail address, internet connection, and compatible computing systems. If you have elected to receive your paperless Bill in Portable Document Format (PDF), you may need to upgrade your computer’s PDF reader program to view your paperless PDF bill. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or viewing your paperless bill, please contact the City directly. Please note that some service providers block e-mail from senders who are not listed in contacts or on safe lists, so you may not receive your paperless bill notice unless you specifically add the City to your contacts or safe list.
By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that you: (i) can access and read these terms, (ii) can access your paperless bill as described above; and (iii) consent to receiving your bill exclusively through electronic means.
By accepting these terms you agree and represent that you have the authority to accept and receive paperless billing (and, if applicable, discontinue receiving a paper bill) for this account, including the authority to agree to the terms and conditions herein.

 I authorize the City of Edinburg to send my utility bill electronically via e-mail