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2023 State Legislative Priorities


COE Legislative Priorities Draft 1-3-23-0002 - Copy (2) - Copy
Regular Session
•Begins January 10, 2023 and ends May 29, 2023
•Deadline to file bills is March 10, 2023

General Priorities &  Legislative  Position

Economic Development
The City supports legislation which strengthens the local economy by providing resources to  attract and retain competitive-wage employers,  supporting locally-owed small businesses, and  creating a more revenue-diversified city. 


• a. Support legislation to provide meaningful property tax relief
• b. Support legislation that empowers local governments to remove barriers to housing for low-income families and increase the local affordable housing stock.
• c. Support the continuation of local and state incentives to supplement local economic development strategies to recruit and retain employers.
• d. Support legislation that invests in educational and job placement programs to provide support for our growing workforce to complement the City’s voter-approved workforce initiative, SA Ready to Work, to include veterans and military spouses.
• e. Support legislation that enhances an effective and sustainable education system from early childhood to higher education.footer23
Local Government
The city supports the continued ability to equitably collect tax revenue and implement local decisions, ordinances, and policies to address the specific and individualized needs of its community. 


• a. Support legislation that would benefit the City and the continued ability of local elected officials, the 
level of government closest to the people, to pass ordinances to meet the unique needs of the community.
• b. Oppose legislation that would be detrimental to the City’s interests and results in the loss of revenue or negatively impacts the authority to generate revenues, including mandates that increase costs to cities.
• c. Oppose legislation that would erode municipal authority to enforce development-related regulations, such as land use, permitting, and inspections, as well as legislation that interferes with our cost-recovery 
The City supports legislation and funding to address the need for critical community 
development infrastructure. 


• a. Resources for added flood mitigation & drainage improvements;
• b. Support legislation to address Edinburg’s rapid population growth and reduce congestion; and ensure a continued and fair allocation of state transportation funding.
• c. Support legislation that would enhance pedestrian safety and continue to support safety initiatives;
• d. Support opportunities for enhanced transportation infrastructure such as airport, road, hike and bike 
trails, and public transit.
• e. Environmental quality & waste management.
• f. Support legislation, in coordination with stakeholders, that ensures and funds infrastructure, 
connectivity and affordability of broadband internet service.footer23
Community Safety
The City supports legislation which provides the highest level of community safety to all Edinburg residents. 

• Increased community and neighborhood policing resources, 
• Intervention and victim protection programs, 
• Expanded social services, and 
• Emergency management recovery assistance.footer23
Open Government
The City supports legislation which enhances open government and accountability to the residents of the City. 

• Support efforts to allow for internet publication of legal notices rather than requiring publication in a paper of record.
• Support legislation that expands local transparency efforts.
• Oppose legislation that seeks to require declarations of political party affiliation in local municipal 
The City supports legislation which advances access to quality education, from preschool through higher education where each student has the educational resources to achieve success. 

Priorities include:

• Expanded broadband coverage, 
• Suitable education facilities and properly trained/paid educators, 
• Increased access to student meal programs, and 
• Additional higher education programs aligned with in-demand, local occupations.footer23
Health & Medical Care
The City supports legislation which creates greater healthcare systems and improved access to suitable, 
low-cost, and preventative health care coverage and resources. 


• Removal of healthcare barriers for low-income, socially at-risk, venerable, genetically predisposed, and 
individuals with chronic mental or health conditions.
• Supports legislation that encourages responsible pet ownership and improves the health, safety and welfare of our residents and pets.footer23
Quality of Life
The City supports legislation which contributes to the expansion of “quality of life” resources and infrastructure providing numerous health, economic, and development benefits to the city. 


• Expanded funding for parks & recreational facilities, 
• Additional hike n’ bike trail systems, 
• Expansion of museums and cultural arts amenities, and 
• Preservation and expansion of green space.footer23