Children's Dept.

Our primary goal of the Sekula Memorial Library is to provide free resources for information, education and recreation that will enrich and enhance the lives and minds of our community. 

Children’s Programs 
The Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library’s dedication to promoting reading and literacy for all ages can be seen throughout all their activities. It starts with cultivating the younger minds during the Children’s Department’s weekly Toddler Time activities and extends up to 5th grade students. The Children’s Department’s goal is to have our patronage grasp an interest of reading and hold on to it throughout their development.

Children’s Resources
The Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library understands that we are now living in what is call the “Digital Age”. Technology has become an essential part of everyone’s lives. Thus, the Library provides quick access to a variety of children’s online resources that are available to the public 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Children’s Catalog
Browse the library’s children’s online catalog to find the book, audiobook or comic book for your research and educational needs.

For more information on our children’s resources or programs please contact the library at (956) 383-6246.