Public Access Computers

Computer access is available in the library. Patrons over the age of 14 may access computers in the Reference Department using their library card for internet, homework, or job search use. Internet use computers are for general usage with a 1-hr time limit. Homework and Job Center computers have a 3-hr time limit and are not intended for recreational use. For patrons 13 and under, computers are available in the Children’s Department with sign-up.

In-House Printing

  • Black and white prints are .10 cents per page.
  • Color prints are .50 per page.
  • Legal size prints are .10 cents per page.

Wireless Printing

Welcome to our Patron Printing service. Print document (s) or web page from your Internet connected PC  or Mobile Device to our Library printer.

  • E-mail or forward an attachment or message to:
  • Your private print release code (s) will be E-mailed back to you.
  • Present print release code to staff at Reference Department so they may release print.
  • Black and White prints are .10 cents per page, Color prints are .50 per page and Legal size prints are .10 cents per page.

Fax Service

  • Faxing is free of charge.
  • Fax Cover Sheet is required for all outgoing fax.
  • Fax Cover Sheet available for .10 cents at Reference Desk.
  • (Faxing within the United States only. No International Faxing. Library does not receive faxes.)


The library offers a variety of equipment to the public including Internet Access, Microsoft Office Suite, Online Library Catalog access. Other available equipment varies but may include:

  • Copy Machine - .10 BW, .10 legal size, .50 color per page
  • Typewriter
  • Scanner - Free scanning service at Reference Department
  • SD Memory Card Reader
  • 18 Public Computers at Reference Department
  • 18 Public Computers at Children's Department

3D Printer Policy and Procedure


The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library strives to offer our community access to new and emerging technologies to inspire a new interest in creation and collaboration.  This policy establishes how and under what circumstances the public may use the 3D printer.


The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library 3D printer is available to the public for educational purpose to make three-dimensional objects in ABS plastic using a design that is uploaded from a digital computer file.

  1. The 3D printer may be used for lawful purposes only.  Patrons will not be permitted to use the printer to create objects that are:
    • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    • In violation of another’s intellectual property rights; for example, materials that is subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or that may pose an immediate threat to the well being of others; for example, guns, knives or other possibly lethal weapons.
    • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate items for the library environment.
  2. The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.
  3. Cost of 3D printing is $.10 per gram and cost includes weight of support, rafts and fillers.
  4. Items printed from the 3D printer not picked up within 7 days will become the property of the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library.  Items must be picked up by the individual who printed them.  A requesting patron who does not pick up their print forfeits all future rights to use the 3D printer.
  5. Patrons may only use the printer alongside designated library staff.  Use of the 3D printer is at the discretion of the designated library staff.
  6. Supervision of the use of the 3D printer by library staff does not constitute knowledge or acknowledgment of any unapparent final use of the 3D product and the library specifically disclaims any knowledge thereof.
  7. 3D print objects must be smaller than 9”x9”x9” and objects are printed in a single color ABS plastic with a PolyPrinter 229 printer.


  1. It is the responsibility of the requesting patron to design their own creation and prepare it for printing in .stl file format.  Library staff is available for consultation or assistance only.
  2. The design must be applicable for printing with ABS filament.
  3. The design should be downloaded to a USB drive as a .stl file and that library staff are able to view the file for preapproval before printing.
  4. Once the review of the file has been completed printing will be scheduled within a reasonable period of time.  Same day printing is not assured.  The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library reserves the right to schedule only one print per day per person or entity.
  5. Once a design has been approved for printing, the requesting patron must be present for the initiation of the print process (i.e. 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the print job, after the machine begins placing filament on the plate).  Once the printing has begun the patron may leave and return within the designated time to retrieve their 3D print.
  6. Print times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.
  7. The requesting patron must pay for the 3D print before it can be turned over to them.  The requesting patron is responsible for all errors that occur during the printing process.  If the object does not print correctly due to design errors, it is the responsibility of the user to pay for the object.
  8. Patrons must clean their own rafts and supports. Small bumps or holes and rough edges on the object may occur.


This Policy and Procedure may change at any time.

While the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library staff make every effort to oversee the use of the equipment in the printing of an object, the use of the printed object upon completion, is not under the direction or control of the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library.  The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library is not responsible for any object created with use of the 3D printer, including any harm or injury incurred as a result of any usage of the 3D printer or the object which is printed.

The Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library abides by the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). These laws govern photocopying or creating other reproductions of copyrighted materials. All users of the 3D printer must abide by copyright laws, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all prints are compliant with copyright laws.