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Two COVID-19 Cases Confirmed

Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez and health officials announced Saturday night of the first case of  COVID-19, and have announced a second confirmed case of COVID-19 Sunda, March 22, 2020.

Patients have been put into home isolation and have begun the process of retracing the person’s whereabouts over the past several weeks in order to determine more people these patients could have been in contact with.

“We knew this day was coming and we are prepared,” Judge Cortez explained. watch the video below in order to learn more about the first, confirmed case in the valley and what measures are being taken. 

Health investigators said the second case involves a woman whose age is not immediately available and it appears to be travel-related. She has been placed in home isolation by Hidalgo County health officials. The location of her home in Hidalgo County, currently known only to health investigators, is not immediately available. The case was reported to Hidalgo County health officials on Sunday.

This signifies that Hidalgo County is now at a Level 1 operational structure which means the following: 

  • Emergency Operations Center is operational

  • Epidemiological surveillance goes to the maximum status

  • Non-essential government functions are undergoing increased operational review and some modifications may be made

Please continue to practice self-distancing and proper hygiene, for more updates, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn more on how you can protect yourself and those around you.