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Don't Mix Cleaning Products!

With the epidemic and lack of supplies in local supermarkets, a lot of people are searching DIY chemical mixtures on the internet. There are a variety of cleaning products which are to be used for cleaning, but when certain products are mixed, they can not only become hazardous but deadly. These mixtures can potentially fire hazard.


Other products such rubbing alcohol, ammonia and mixing with bleach are not good ideas, in fact they have started fires in the past. Whatever products you do find on the shelves and decide to mix to make it more powerful, please do not, as they can potentially become hazardous. For chemical-free DIY cleaning products, visit the Greatist article below!To start off, bleach should only be used to be mixed with water. Anything else which is mixed with it can lead to a gas mixture toxic to you and those around you just by the strong smell of the chemicals.

27 Chemical-Free Recipes for DIY Cleaning 

Please avoid some of the following mixtures below and any mixtures of cleaning products overall.