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2020 Census: Count your Children

May 2 is National Baby Day where we come together to celebrate the little ones in the U.S. It is also important to remember to count them as part of the 2020 Census. This includes:

  • Foster children
  • Grandchildren
  • Nieces
  • Nephews

DRCC_04_29_20_ May 2 Baby Day SpanishDRCC_04_29_20_ May 2 Baby Day

If you have children at home, make sure you are counting them where they usually live and sleep most of the time, even if their parents do not live there. If they share more than one household, count them were they usually stay. If you’re still unsure, count them whoever they are located on Census Day. 

If your baby was just born and is on the hospital, count your baby at the home where he/she will be living and sleeping most of the time.

If you’re helping someone take care of a child who does not have a permanent home, count the child if they’re staying with you on Census Day, even if it’s temporary.

Remember that it’s important to participate in 2020’s Census, by doing so, you’re shaping your community and your future. Learn more by visiting 2020census.gov